“Will You Help Me Reach My School for Jesus?” 

Students, BRING your favourite youth leader with YOU to this workshop. We will be looking at practical steps to starting, a Christian Club in your school, for the purpose of reaching out effectively with Gospel.




“Sex, Drugs, Suicide and Salvation” 

This speaker is a dually certified trauma and addictions counsellor, contemporary Christian recording artist, teacher, worship leader and president of Canada's oldest Christian Motorcycle club. He survived severe childhood physical, sexual and psychological abuse, turned to drugs, alcohol and contemplated suicide on a number of occasions. Hear about his walk with Christ and his struggles and victories as he seeks to both encourage and challenge you in his workshop.




“Does the Bible Really Say Anything About Dating?” 

Dating. Does the Bible really talk about it? Does God have a plan for how a man and a women should come together? Join this speaker as he shares from the scriptures God’s heart and desire when it comes to relationships.




 “Avenger's Training.”


When evil forces surrounded the earth, S.H.I.E.L.D assembled The Avengers and sent them out to save the world. When dark forces surrounded the earth God assembled powerful people called Christians to save the world. It is time Christians discovered how to change the world. Even Avengers need training. In this workshop we will train you on specific skills and give you keys on how to change the world. We will cover training on how to use spiritual gifts, the gospel, the weapon of prayer, and how to be bold and fearless for Jesus. Christian Avengers, assemble!!




“Redefine HER” (GILRS Only)


Somewhere along the way the world began telling teenage girls that their worth was measured by their outward appearance, their ability to attract male attention; to fit into a neat and tidy little box where influence and intelligence is secondary. Unfortunately in many ways we've fallen in line and it's time we step back out. Let's talk about our God given value, our kingdom influence, and let's start measuring our worth by a whole other set of standards.


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