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“Sex, Drugs, Suicide and Salvation”

This speaker is a dually certified trauma and addictions counsellor, contemporary Christian recording artist, teacher, worship leader and president of Canada's oldest Christian Motorcycle club www.bondslavemc.ca.  He survived severe childhood physical, sexual and psychological abuse, turned to drugs, alcohol and contemplated suicide on a number of occasions.  Hear about his walk with Christ and his struggles and victories as he seeks to both encourage and challenge you in his workshop. 




“Is Jesus' "Resurrection" Just a Copy of Pagan Myths?” 


Apparently there are lots of stories of dying and rising gods.  Why is Jesus any different from all the myths we don't believe in?




“Speed, Greed and Legitimate Need”

Let's have an interactive discussion about poverty, privilege and the part we can play in making a real difference.  Come to this seminar... we have cookies!



“Discerning God’s Will”

How can we know what is our will and what is God’s will?  Would our will and God’s will always be different from one another?  Is there such thing as God having that one career or that one girl/boyfriend in my life?  How do I know what God is calling me to do?





"Bringing Good News to the World"

Good news comes in many forms; the question is, what is good news in your world?  Inspired by the writings of Paul, Isaiah, and the book of Acts, in this workshop we will walk through some practical ways to bring the good news of Jesus to your friends, school, and family.




“Is Missions For Me? Saying “Yes” to the Things God is Calling You Into.”

Are you feeling called into missions? Is missions the furthest thing from your mind? Wherever you fall on the scale, this workshop is for you. This speaker will explore what it means to say yes to God, even when His plans are unexpected.  We will talk about the concept of “missions” and how as a church we might have misconstrued the term. Regardless of if you want to become a missionary or not, the hope of this workshop is that it will challenge you to say yes to God, whether overseas or at home.  This speaker is part of YFC Canada’s Global Engagement team and oversees the ENGAGE Program; an international volunteer program for young adults.




“Youth Ministry Panel” (LEADERS ONLY)

This workshop is designed for youth pastors/leaders/volunteers to come and ask Youth Ministry related questions to a panel of experienced youth ministry workers.  Ask whatever you want!  This will be a safe place to discuss all things Youth Ministry related.  Please note this workshop will only be offered at 6:15 during “Flea Market of Fun.”



“What's Better than Porn? The Fight for Porn-Free Lives and Communities.”

This workshop aims to teach how porn hurts relationships and society, the power of its lure, and the good news on how young men and women can live porn-free lives. 



“Making the Most of the Moment.”

Throughout history, God used people to share his good news, and now he has entrusted this moment to us. The reality that God has chosen to have you and I exist right now is not something to be overlooked or taken for granted, but the question we need to ask is how can we make the MOST of this moment? How can we use and leverage what is happening around us to point people to God and tell his story well? How can we listen to the needs of the world and show them how the Gospel can meet those needs in profound ways? Let's explore together...




“Does the Bible Really Say Anything About Dating?” 

Dating.  Does the Bible really talk about it?  Does God have a plan for how a man and a women should come together?  Join this speaker as he shares from the scriptures God’s heart and desire when it comes to relationships.




"Darkest Nights & Living Lights: My story of suicide, depression, anxiety, and hope" 

In the summer of 2009, I tried to kill myself - twice. Since then, I have found hope and healing in my battle with mental illness, and learned how to help others. This workshop will help you understand common mental illnesses, help your friends, and care for your own mental health. We will also explore what the Bible has to say about mental illness and how Jesus helps us.