"Dodgeball+" Qualifiers

The Dodgeball+ tournament has been a staple of our day at No Other Name.

We feel that a couple hours at No Other Name just doesn't give it the justice it deserves!

So instead, on February 24th we are having a dodgeball qualifying tournament!


Think you have what it takes?  Want a chance to notch a win for YOUR Youth Group?


Purchase your tickets early to receive an invite to our tournament before it fills up!


Here's what you need to know:

1. Members must purchase a ticket for NON. Once purchased, your leader receives a code with tournament entry details!

2. Teams will have 8 active players per round. Youth only!

3. There's only space for 12 teams. First come first serve, so register fast!

4. If you can't form a full team, consider joining up with another youth group!

5. Each team will be guaranteed a minimum of 3 games.

6. Tournament rules will be sent ahead of time to Youth Leaders and Team Captains!

7. Tournament structure will feature a round-robin qualifier on Feb 24th from 1-5PM at Redeemer Christian High School

8. The Finals will take place at No Other Name on March 30th!

2017 Dodgeball qualifiers
are being held at:

Redeemer Christian High School

82 Colonnade Road

Nepean, Ontario

K2E 7L2




Disclaimer: No Other Name 2018 may be filmed and the footage may be used for promotional purposes.

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